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Cycling on the island of Reichenau

You will be fascinated by the UNESCO protected island and the Lake Constance region.

We offer high-quality German trekking bikes and e-bikes from Staiger, Stevens and ISY.
The cycle paths on the island of Reichenau and on Lake Constance offer the best conditions in terms of individual wishes and safety.

More infos: Bike rental


SUP (Stand Up Paddling)

SUP - Enjoy the new body feeling

  • Our SUP beginner courses or private lessons offer the perfect start for all who want to try this great water activity.
  • You have already stood on a SUP board and have some basic experience? For your individual requirements you will get the right board from us to go on a discovery tour.

More infos: SUP rental


50 HP sports boat

Ideal for excursions, water fun, water skiing and wakeboarding

Would you like to get to know the cultural and natural beauty of the Lake Constance region?
How would it be to really rush across the lake?

Before we start, you will receive a professional introduction from us.

More infos: boat rental


Motorboats free of driving licence

Enjoy the natural beauty of the lake Untersee during a tour around the island.

The 5 HP motor boats are ideal for trips and swimming.
The boats are easy and safe to handle.

Before we start, you will receive a professional briefing from us.

More infos: boat rental



Enjoy pure bathing fun for children and adults.

  • The pedal boats are permitted for up to 6 people and have a swimming step, a slide and a great sunbathing platform.

More infos: boat rental


Canoes and kayaks

Go actively on a tour of discovery

  • With our canoes and kayaks you can discover, experience and see the magnificent natural and animal world with your family or friends when you round the island of Reichenau.

More infos: boat rental