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General terms and conditions of business

I. Conclusion of the contract
With the registration, which can be made verbally, in writing or by e-mail, the customer offers FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU a binding contract based on the event conditions. The contract is concluded by acceptance in the form of an order confirmation from FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU to the customer. Acceptance does not require a specific form. Should the content of the order confirmation differ from the content of the registration, this corresponds to a new offer from FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU. This offer is considered accepted if it has not been expressly rejected by the customer within the 30-day period. The applicant is liable for his contractual obligations as well as for those of third parties he has registered with.

II Payment for events, tours and courses
The amount is to be paid on the day of the event before the tour starts (cash or Maestro)

III. performance obligations of FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU
The scope of the services to be provided by us results from the content of the order confirmation. Changes or deviations from the agreed content of the contract which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and which have not been brought about by FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU in bad faith are permitted, provided that the changes or deviations are not substantial, do not lead to a significant change in the contractual performance and do not impair the overall design of the booked event. FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU is obliged to inform the customer immediately about changes or deviations in performance. If necessary, FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU will offer the customer a free rebooking or a free withdrawal.

IV. Withdrawal by the customer
The customer can withdraw from the contract at any time before the event. The notification of withdrawal to FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU must be in writing. As compensation for the preparations made, compensation amounting to 10% of the total amount must be paid.

V. Termination of the contract due to force majeure
If the tour cannot take place due to force majeure (especially thunderstorms, heavy rain, wind over 3 Bft.), the tour does not have to be paid.

VI. services not used
If the customer does not make use of individual services as a result of early return, illness or other reasons for which FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU is not responsible, there is no right to reimbursement or replacement of part or all of the price.

VII Insurance, Liability
Every participant is strongly recommended to take out liability and accident insurance. External guides, who are hired by the FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU, are of course covered by liability insurance. Disruptions to services due to weather, cancellation of ships or other influences over which the organizer has no influence are not liable to recourse. The instructions of our tour guides must be followed absolutely and exactly. Despite the most careful planning on our part, the risk of injury cannot be completely excluded. Each participant acknowledges that there is always a residual risk of injury, for which we do not accept any liability. The person in charge of the tour reserves the right to change the planned tour according to the knowledge of the participants, their technical and conditional requirements or due to unforeseen circumstances.

VIII. Defectiveness, preclusion period and limitation period
Claims from defectiveness, preclusion period and limitation period result from the civil law (ยง651 c to g. BGB)

IX. Prohibition of assignment
The assignment of any claims arising from the contract between FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU and the customer to third parties is excluded, as is the assertion of legal claims in one's own name.

X. Damage and loss
The equipment of FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU is subject to constant control in order to ensure the smoothest possible operation. Damaged or lost equipment will be charged to the customer. Any repair costs incurred must be borne by the customer.

XI. security
Compliance with the highest international and in-house safety standards is the most important basic condition of every event at the FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU.

XII. Place of jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction of FREIZEITCENTER INSEL REICHENAU is Constance. The place of performance is the registered office of FREISE CENTER REICHENAU. German law applies exclusively to the entire legal and contractual relationship between FREISE CENTER ISLAND REICHENAU and the customer, who does not have a general place of residence or business in Germany.

XIII Right of withdrawal for consumers
Are you a consumer, which means


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