Boat rental at lake constance

Welcome to the boat rental on the island of Reichenau

Here you can discover the Lake Constance actively.

  • You want to have fun on a pedal boat with your children and friends?
  • You want to spend a nice time with your partner in a motorboat or rowing boat?
  • Do you want to go on a relaxing or more sporty tour of discovery by canoe, kayak or SUP board?
  • Would you like to go fishing with a fishing boat and experience the fascinating silence on the lake?
  • Would you like to go jet skiing? Jet skiing is prohibited on the whole of Lake Constance.


Pedal boats



Sport boat

Fishing boats

pedal boats with slide.

  • The pedal boats you rent from us are certified for 6 persons.
  • You can really hang out on the great sunbathing area.
  • Children and sometimes also adults often can't get enough fun from the sliding and the water fun.



  • Our pedal boats are unsinkable!
  • Children under 8 years and non-swimmers will receive a life jacket.

Should the pedal boat be yellow, green, blue or red? Should it be a racing car or the dolphin? Your children decide :)

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canoes and kayaks

Our offer

  • Team canoes (10 persons per canoe)
  • canoes for 2, 3 and 4 persons
  • kayaks for 1 and 2 persons

Tour tips:

  • The tour around the island of Reichenau is the most popular tour on Lake Constance and impresses with its variety of sights. The tour takes about 3 to 4 hours.
  • On the lake Gnadensee you paddle in the direction of Mettnau to the island of love. The breathtaking view of the Höri and the Hegau volcanoes is your constant companion on the canoe or kayak tour.
  • The varied paddle tour to Gottlieben in Switzerland takes you to the Wollmatinger Ried, one of the oldest and largest nature reserves in southern Germany.

Further information and maps are available from us at the rental office.

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licence-free motor boats

  • If you want to jump into the water for a short time, you can simply get back into the boat by using the swimming ladder.
  • The motor boats are approved for 4 persons.
  • On hot and sunny days all our motorboats are equipped with a sun umbrella.
  • A new 5 HP engine will bring you safely to your destination. You will be surprised about the low fuel use.
  • Are you 16 years old? Then you also can rent this 5 hp motor boat.

Before you start, you will receive a professional instruction from us.

Tips for trips

  • One of the most beautiful and varied motor boat tours on Lake Constance is the round trip of the Island Reichenau. Countless water animals, the fascinating landscape and the monasteries protected by UNESCO will excite you. The tour takes 1.5 hours or more.
  • If you would like to spend half a day on the lake, there is plenty of time to drive along the island of Reichenau and the Wollmatinger Ried bird reserve. Afterwards, the tour continues in the direction of Ermatingen in Switzerland, upstream along the Seerhein to the harbour of Constance. Nature and culture mix together in a tour that will stay unforgettable.

We would be pleased to give you more great tips for excursions and the relevant maps on site.

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50 HP sports boat

  • The sport boat is certified for 6 persons.
  • You will be surprised by the quiet and very economical 50 HP engine.
  • On hot and sunny days the sundeck protects you.
  • If you want to go waterskiing or wakeboarding, there is a pull tower included.
  • The Bodenseeschifferpatent is obligatory.

Tips for excursions

  • Round the island - the classical tour - enjoy the variety of water animals and the cloisters protected by UNESCO.
  • The lake Untersee Tour - This tour takes you along many attractions. Discover the Mettnau peninsula, the island of love, Radolfzell, Gottlieben and much more.
  • Stein am Rhein - Glide with the sport boat between the Höri and the Swiss shore and visit this charming little town.
  • Constance - visit the harbour of Constance and be inspired by the nature, the lake Rhein and the culture of the city of Constance.

We would be pleased to give you more information with maps and other interesting ideas :)

More information:

  • Do you have a sports boat driving licence or A licence? Ask for a holiday patent at the Schifffahrtsamt. Tel.: 07531 800-1982
  • Would you like to make the Bodenseeschifferpatent?
  • With our skipper you can experience a great boat trip with waterskiing fun even without a licence. Just give us a call :)

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fishing boats

  • Our fishing boats, which do not need a licence, have a new 5 hp engine with low fuel use, and are permitted for 4 persons.
  • The boats have plenty of storage space. If you want, you can get the suitable fishing holders for it.
  • If you need a refreshment, you can simply get back into the boat by using the swimming ladder.
  • Fishing license and fishing permit are obligatory.

Whether you fish for whitefish, pike, pike-perch, eel, char, carp, trout or perch, Lake Untersee and Lake Gnadensee offer you an unforgettable natural scenery and the possibility to spend relaxing hours on the water.

You can get the fishing licence from Monday to Friday in the Touristencenter Reichenau.
Telefon: +49 (0) 7534 / 92 07-0

More information under: Angeln am Bodensee

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